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El Plan, Rosma • Guatemala • Cocoa & Pinapple | 12oz

Alejandro  and  Freddy are  sharp, savvy  coffee farmers that grow coffee on a knifes edge. They are deep  in the Mayan homeland, their farm perched on a ridge  that drops dramatically into valleys on both sides. It’s some of the finest coffee in Guatemala, grown where the road ends in jungle.

Every year they impress us with their innovation. This particular lot is from a high area of the farm with mature Bourbon and Typica trees. The complexity from this micro-lot is enhanced by the dry fermentation method they employ; coffee is fermented without water for up to 40 hours with oxygen being circulated throughout the mass via a system of perforated tubes. It's then dried on African beds in a shaded greenhouse. It's a washed, but a vastly more complex version of this traditional process.

This is El Plan: Red Grape, Cocoa, and  Confidently Innovative.

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