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Exotic Trio • 8oz Exotic Bags

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These are pre-order products roasting and shipping the week of August 13. Anything ordered with these exotic coffees may be delayed for a day or two. 

We're back at some of our favorite farms for this exotic release!

El Roble Java Carbonic is one of the highest scoring exotic coffees for the last three years. Always hovering around, or above, 90 points and just a wildly beautiful cup! Visiting here a couple months ago I was blown away by processes which seemed more akin to wine making than to coffee processing. This coffee is refined but punchy with Plum Jam, Mulberry, and Dark Chocolate notes.

Villa Betulia Papayo Anaerobic is a new variety that Luis Anibal has at his farm. The cherries are shaped like papayas - hence the name - and the cup is very unique. Cupping this for the first time I really struggled to come up with what I was tasting with it's unique combination of Rose, Citrus blossom, Apricot jam, and Dessert wine notes.

Villa Betulia Maragesha is a beautiful coffee with Peach Liqueur, Strawberry Syrup, and a refined and smooth body. It's overly sweet and highly fruity from the Gesha component but is balanced from the elegant floral qualities of the Maragogype it has been crossed with.

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