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La Maravilla • Guatemala • Vanilla and Chocolate notes • 12oz

We've been buying different micro-lots from the La Libertad region of Huehuetenango in Guatemala for a few years now. This year I wanted to really find a producer in this region that we can begin a new relationship with and have consistent quality from. I was introduced to Mauricio by Alejandro from Finca Rosma and I visited his farm, staying the night and enjoying tacos and beer with him. 

La Maravilla was previously one half of the well thought of El Injerto farm, which always produces great coffees. Mauricio purchased this farm more than 20 years ago with the sole intention of pursuing quality. He has been very successful in this, and has many very high areas of old growth Bourbon and Typical plants. This lot comes from one of those areas. As his farm became more established he built a road up to, and past, his mill which has become a huge benefit for the community living above him in the mountains. He employs a lot of these people as pickers and full time mill crews, and you can see he has invested himself and his work in this community.

This initial offering from his farm is a straightforward, chocolate and berry flavored coffee. It has amazing structure, a clean body, and good sweetness! All the things we prize in Guatemalan coffee!