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Finca Trapiche • Bolivia • Chocolate Stonefruit Notes • 12oz



When Pedro Rodriguez arrived for the first time at this farm, a nearly ancient tool for harvesting sugarcane called a "Trapiche" lay across the entrance. Picking this up to enter, the symbolism of the work ahead was not lost on this family. Despite the next few years of hard labor involved in getting finca Trapiche up to their standards, they kept their sights set on its potential.

The altitude here is extremely high, which creates a large temperature swing from day to night. This sort of environment results in denser beans with a high level of structure  and vibrancy.

Trapiche is typified by very sweet Dark Chocolate notes, Roasted Almond, and Stonefruit Sweetness. This is a very full bodied coffee with excellent structure - good for many brewing methods.

Pedro Rodriguez & Family || Caranavi, Bolivia || 1800m || Caturra || Washed

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