Gesha Village | Reserve 150g Tin

Gesha Village is a farm run by Rachel Samuel and her husband Adam Overton. Rachel is Ethiopian and wanted to connect more deeply with Ethiopia and coffee production so they decided to produce Gesha in the birthplace of coffee - Bench Maji - in the farthest western reaches of Ethiopia. It's where the oldest strains of coffee have been traced to this remote area bordering Sudan and they viewed it as the perfect place for the most famous of Ethiopian Heirloom varieties to grow.

This auction lot is our first coffee from them and one of the finest coffees we’ve roasted! It’s the original variety taken from Ethiopia and cultivated in Panama in 1931 was taken back to Bench Maji and replanted. We cupped through multiple lineups of coffee after visiting them last harvest and this was our highest scoring coffee. You’re tasting as close to the original coffee that’s possible with this limited reserve.

We taste lots of floral notes including Jasmine and Rose. There's distinctive tropical fruit such as açaí berry and pomegranate. And it's an insanely sweet and juicy cup. This is a limited run of 600 custom tins - artwork by Josh Holland of Voodoo ranger fame - that we're super proud to present.