Qore Natural, Ethiopia | 12oz


Country:   Ethiopia
Terroir:   Gedeo
Processing: Natural
Varietal:   Heirloom

Cupping Notes 
Aroma: Crushed berry

Flavors: Boozy cherry, vanilla
Sweetness: Intense
Body: Full & Syrupy

Tasting video coming soon

You'll like this coffee if: You love full bodied fruity coffee. You like Strawberry preserves, Cherry barbecue pork, and Manhattans.

This is our second year working with Seife Tulloskorpi in Ethiopia as an exporter and facilitator and also our second year buying from Israel Degfa. Israel is a renowned Ethiopian coffee producer and we are seeing why with this year's coffees. In blind cuppings at origin his coffees consistently scored at the top on the tables we tasted, and meeting with him impressed us. He is very focused on farmer needs at all of his washing stations. Often we promote the idea that caring for producers at the bottom levels directly impacts quality and he brings that idea to life.

Qore is a washing station in Gedo, Ethiopia. This coffee is one of our favorite Ethiopian coffees we have ever sourced. It has intense fruit, sweetness, and citric acidity. It borders on boozy without being unpleasantly fermenty. Overall it's a clean cup, and brings to life the vibrance of Ethiopia; colorful, complex, and full of life. It's an absolute must-try coffee!

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