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Inmaculada Gesha | Reserve 200g Tin

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 Pre-Order Reserve Coffee • This product roasts and ships the week of April 17 • All products ordered with Inmaculada reserve will ship with this coffee 

Julian Holguin Ramos is becoming a huge name in coffee circles. He's well into the process of building up a coffee dynasty through cultivating some of the most unique coffee varieties in the world and taking them through wildly innovative processes. This is the first harvest we've worked with Inmaculada farm. We're still getting back into a regular travel rhythm so they graciously sent us some samples to cup in Denver. 

This particular lot knocked us off our feet, scoring between 92 and 93+ points from different members of our team. Every point above 90 is a hard won battle, and usually 92 is a monumental conquest for a coffee farmer. This Gesha soared over the top of that peak and, in some ways, reframed yet again what the high end of coffee is moving towards. Unfortunately it is a very tiny lot, so it's likely sold out by the time you're reading this. For access to future releases sign up for our coffee newsletter here

Brewing Notes For the Inmaculada Geisha - V60
Ratio: 1:16 | Grind: 7.5/10 | Bloom: 1:2 for 40s | Total Brew: 3:15
Recommended slow pour for less agitation; this coffee may have a slow brew time

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