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Jardines Del Eden • Sidra • 2x Anaerobic | 8oz Exotic

Roasting of Reserves & Exotics will be postponed until the first week of June.

Our roasters will be out of the country sourcing coffee and will begin roasting all Reserve & Exotic orders received from 5/24 to 6/06 on Tuesday 6/06. Thank you for your understanding!

Jardines Del Eden • Sidra • 2x Anaerobic | 8oz Exotic


Region: Quindio, Colombia

Farm: Jardines Del Eden Farm • Felipe Arcila

Process: Double Anaerobic Natural | 48hr Aerobic - 24hr Anaerobic -  Another 48hr Anaerobic

Variety: Sidra

Tasting Notes: Intense, with strawberry yogurt notes, caramel sweetness, and floral aromatics


Reserve & Exotic coffees are on a limited roasting schedule. Anything ordered with it will ship alongside it.

Drinking this coffee underscores the fundamentally important value we and Felipe share. We, too, are driven by our desire to take something and elevate it to bring out its truest and most authentic expression. For Felipe, it is coffee. For us, it is finding the very best farmers and coffee producers to partner with. 

Phil's notes:

"This year, Felipe led me on a journey to a new farm, Jardines del Eden. This was no ordinary farm. It was a testament to his vision, his skills, and his unwavering determination to create something truly special. We walked through the fields, admiring the small plants with their delicate leaves, and I felt a swell of anticipation in my heart. Together, we selected a Sidra variety of coffee, one that was destined to be a reserve. But he did not stop there. No, instead, he decided to push the boundaries of what was possible, using a double anaerobic fermentation process that imbued the coffee with a distinctly punchy character. The result was nothing short of remarkable - a coffee that exuded a heady aroma, and an unforgettable taste that lingered on the palate long after it had been consumed." - Phil (Corvus Founder/Coffee Buyer)

Ratio: 1:17  |  Grind: Medium-Fine  |  Bloom: 1:2 for 30s  |  Total Brew: 2:50
Fermented coffees, like this one, often brew quickly. A lower dose of 1:17 will give clarity in the cup, and a finer grind size combined with a gentle pulsated pour will yield proper extraction. The result should be a clear cup with vibrant aromatics and lingering sweetness.