Kariru PB • Kirinyaga, Kenya | 12oz

 This year we visited Kenya again to continue our search for a reliable partner to help us navigate the complexities of the Kenyan coffee market and develop producer relationships. We had introductions to multiple producers and ended up cupping close to 400 cups over the course of a few days. Kariru was our favorite peaberry in the several rounds of peaberries we cupped.

Visiting the Kariru washing station gave us insight into the reasons behind the quality. It’s in the Kirinyaga region of Kenya which has always been one of our favorite regions for Kenyan coffee. Multiple producers came to meet us and hear what we thought of their coffee. The director of this mill showed us the biodiversity projects around the washing station. There are large swaths of forest preserve, gardens, and several water conservation projects. Their mission is written on the bright blue gates, and states many conservation goals in large white letters. It is great to see these goals being actively lived out in a practical manner. We share their belief that sustainability in coffee includes caring for the land. This promotes a healthy ecosystem and improves coffee plant health and quality.

These coffees are grown in the red soil contrasting green coffee shrubs everywhere in Kenya. This is a unique type of volcanic soil common in the Great Rift Valley. We attribute the unique winey cup flavors, tropical notes, and full body to this soil. Being a peaberry lot, Kariru is much more vibrant than many coffees. We get strong flavors of ripe mango, white wine, and a full balanced body & mouthfeel.


1800 meters | SL28 + SL34 Varietal | Fully Washed | Baragwi Union


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