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Kebun Galla • Sumatra • Spice & Apricot • 12oz


Jeremy, our head roaster & associate green buyer, worked in Indonesia for a few years before joining Corvus. One of the resulting relationships from his time there was with Voster Hutabaret, a farmer in Gayo Aceh. Sumatra, and Asia in general have been one of the last origins for us to break into because of the dominate practice of "wet-hull" coffee. This essentially is removing the parchment, the protective shell, from around the coffee before drying. The only objective being to speed up drying and the time until the producer gets paid. The result is a sub-par cup by generally acceptable standards.

Voster produces a fully washed coffee for us and this years delivery of coffee is exceptionally clean and well-dried! We weren't able to visit because of Covid, but the rate of improvement clearly indicates a producer who values their work for more than just the increase in income it brings them, and we're very excited to deepen this relationship!

This is Kebun Galla: Baking Spice, Dried Apricot, and Groundbreaking.

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