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Kerenci • Sumatra • Honey & Spiced Pecan Notes • 12oz


There's no where in the world like Sumatra for coffee. One of the most unique areas on the planet, the coffee here has been shrouded by the tendency to dry beans without the protective parchment layer. While this increases drying time, it destabilizes moisture and creates odd flavors.

This is our second washed - or, fully dried - Sumatran we've found, and it appears as though more and more people are beginning to see the potential in treating their coffee with more care; slowing down drying, and revealing the true nature of the soil and varieties here!

Kerinci has some of the "typical" notes of Sumatra; some slight fresh herbal flavors,  but the cup is dominated with Honey and exotic Spices. It's a full bodied coffee with a little pop of tropical malic (pineapple) flavor which creates depth and complexity.

Kerinci Co-op || Jambi, Sumatra || 1850m || Bourbon & Gayo || Traditional Washed

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