Kiunyu Peaberry, Kenya | 12oz

Country:   Kenya
Terroir:   Kirinyaga
Processing: Washed
Varietal:   SL28

Cupping Notes 
Aroma: Tropical fruit

Flavors: Ripe peach, red wine
Sweetness: Honeyed
Body: Juicy

Tasting video coming soon

You'll like this coffee if: You love intense and vibrant coffees. You like peach cobbler, sweet corn, and dry red wines.


Kiunyu came out of our visits to Africa this year. In Kenya we learned a lot about the complexities of the Niarobi Auction, how marketers/mills and farmers work together, and how we can add value and find direct relationships within these relationships. However, we didn't find a coffee during our time there that really sparked our interest. Coffees move very quickly through the supply chain-often to the benefit of the farmer- and we were't prepared for the amount of time we would need in country to really find something exceptional. Phil is prepared for next year and we have a few mills and exporters we're checking out, so there are exciting things ahead!

For now, we have this excellent coffee from Kiunyu in Kirinyaga! We kept cupping coffees when we got back, and found this one right before it was going up for auction. Our friend Jackson was able to get it at the auction and we brought it in. It is a pretty exceptional and lively coffee; peach and/or stone fruit dominate the cup, and there are plenty of complex floral and fruit notes to keep you coming back. Kirinyaga seems to always have the flavor profiles we really like from Kenyan coffees, and it is very exciting to bring this coffee to you from the heart of Africa!

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