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La Divisa Pink Bourbon EF2 • 8oz Exotic

La Divisa EF2 has a limited weekly roasting schedule. Anything ordered with this exotic coffee may be delayed for a day or two.

The legends of Colombian treasure have captured the imagination of generations  of treasure hunters. The real currency, or "la Divisa" here resides within people like Sebastian Gomez; a producer who constantly focuses on creating value. Sebastian's currency is his constant tinkering, driven by a strong desire to learn. I've found a pink bourbon here that he's processed  with a multi stage fermentation he learned from the Arcila Brothers. This is a vibrant cup, which expresses the best flavors of processing and up and coming varietals in Colombia!

Expressive Cherry, Lime, and Orange Liqueur notes.

Brewing Notes-
Grind size similar to single origins; agitate bloom
Grind: 7.5/10  |  Ratio: 1:16  |  Bloom: 50g water  |  Total Brew: 2:45

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