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el Mezcal Bourbon • Guatemala • Dark Chocolate & Walnut notes • 12oz

Mauricio is a hard working Guatemalan farmer who is always brimming with energy. You'd have to be if you farmed coffee where he does; high in the mountains of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. 

When he purchased this farm from the el Injerto plantation, there was no road and no infrastructure. He carved a road into the granite mountainside, calling on the tough mountain community above the farm to break house sized boulders without dynamite. This project benefited the entire area and community, and you can see that Mauricio is a pillar here now.

Tough, resolute, and a terroir that produces some of the most chocolate forward coffee anywhere. This is Maravilla.

Mezcal is a small lot of high grown Bourbon variety. Some of the last to be picked on the farm. 

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