• La Marimba; San Pedro | Huila, Colombia • 12oz

La Marimba; San Pedro | Huila, Colombia • 12oz



Country:   Colombia
Terroir:   Southern Huila
Processing:  Washed
Varietal:   Caturra, Castillo

Cupping Notes
Aroma: Caramel popcorn 

Flavors: Almond, brown sugar 
Sweetness: Rich 
Body: Smooth

You'll like this coffee if: You full bodied sweet coffees. You like creme brûlée, latin rum, and sweet caramelized pork.

San Pedro is a farm owned by Ciro Lugo and his family in the highlands bordering the Amazon in Southern Huila, Colombia. They moved to this area more than 40 years ago and over time have built an infrastructure and community of coffee growers unparalleled anywhere in the world. Ciro is a champion for quality among his neighbors, and is well loved and respected among all of them. His coffee has consistently been among the highest scoring among the hundreds of lots we cup while visiting. We are proud to bring you this sweet and vibrant coffee. It is the epitome of the idea that quality coffee comes from quality people.

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