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La Palma Geshas | Reserve 200g Tin

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These Geishas have a limited roasting schedule. If your order is placed later in the week it may not roast and ship until the following week. Anything ordered alongside LP Geisha will roast and ship with it.

This is our smallest reserve of the year and will likely sell out on the initial email. If it’s not available we apologize, but stay on the newsletter for the next drop!

La Palma y el Tucan was one of the first farms I ever visited; it sits in a beautiful misty mountainous forest surrounded by eucalyptus groves. The fog rolls in early each evening and out late each morning, creating an otherworldly environment. When I first visited, Felipe and Elisa outlined a clear and ambitious vision, but I couldn't have imagined the extent to which they would impact coffee through the next ten years!

Their farm is now one of the foremost experimental  farms for biodiversity, and they embrace an abundance of life mentality at their farm - literally. Instead of working against nature they use natural strategies to ensure plant health and cherry quality. This approach shines through in their geishas; with vibrant and lively fruit notes and refreshing clarity in the cup!

Bio Innovation  process: This process exclusive to LP involves Ripe Gesha cherries being sealed in an anaerobic pre-fermentation vessel with a concentrated substrate of micro organisms and yeast isolated from the farmAfter a 40 hour pre-fermentation they are dried as a natural process in greenhouses on stacked beds. The prefermentation with these microbes creates an accentuated flavor from the unique terroir of the farm. Tasting notes: A nuanced and vibrant combination of mango candy, honeysuckle, and cinnamon.

Natural Process: The classic Natural Process of drying cherries in full fruit remains one of our favorite processes for Gesha coffee. It adds a beautiful layer of fruit flavors, but in a controlled environment like La Palma it doesn’t overshadow the natural florals of this elegant variety. Tasting notes: Complex and colorful expressions of apple, grapefruit, and oolong.

Brewing Notes:

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