La Vega • Huila, Colombia | 12oz

 La Vega is a farm near the town of Tarqui in Huila, Colombia. This is one of our two primary sub-regions we focus on in Colombia for sourcing, and La Vega is the highest farm in either region we work with. The farm in owned and completely managed by Christian Osorio and his family. They have a very humble process and lack quite a bit of the infrastructure you would see in a typical farm in this region. They don't employ pickers, and picking coffee is a family affair. They do some cherry floating in blue plastic buckets before taking the coffee to a neighbors farm to be processed and dried. 

Despite these obstacles, the family views coffee quality as the hope for the future and puts a lot of work into picking ripe cherries and their initial floatation of coffee. These two things are really the two most important steps to getting great coffee and not overlooking them shows how committed to quality. Out of all the great coffee we cupped in Tarqui this year La Vega was our highest scoring lot. When Jeremy told Christian this, he was visibly moved. They literally put everything they have into this coffee; financially, mentally, and physically, and we are very excited about the result. Not only because it's an exceptional cup with depth and complexity, but because we too believe that sustainability is rooted in quality. Seeing their abilities makes us excited for their future. We think we have found a long term partner who we can have a mutually beneficial relationship with. 

Drinking this coffee is a special experience. All good coffee does good- but this one feels really personal to us, and we hope you share that feeling if you get the opportunity to try it. It's full of dark blackberry acidity and some complex orange peel type flavors. Overall its really balanced and has a rinsing mouthfeel.


1800 meters | Caturra and Castillo F6 | Fully Washed | Christian Osorio