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La Vega • Colombia • Blackberry & Cocoa • 12oz


Some areas of the world have that impossible feeling to them. They feel unconstrained by normal limits of physics and space. When you leave the small mountain town of Tarqui and begin the climb up to La Vega, you get this feeling of impossible ambition. The road is cut into green mountains whose slopes are beyond 45 degrees of inclination as far as you can see. It's what a bug on the side of a wall must feel like, and yet everywhere you look there's coffee growing!

The type of people you find in these impossible places are a unique breed. To flourish with optimism clinging to the side of a mountain is impressive. Hanging tightly as you grow coffee is a massive feat. It's up here in the clouds that we find Christian Osorio and his family. They have cut out a spot for a small house and raise their kids and care for their parents while growing some of the most spectacular coffee we've had.

Drinking this coffee is a special experience. All good coffee does good- but this one feels really personal to us. We were the first specialty roasters to buy coffee from Christian and his family, and now we buy everything they produce. In addition to our farm gate price is a 10% premium that goes back to whatever projects at the farm Christian believes will increase quality and future price. This has enabled them to build drying beds, plant new tracts of Pink Bourbon (more on this in the future! Stay tuned!), and farm without any chemicals.  

This coffee is characterized by Blackberry brightness! It's a full bodied and sweet coffee - as are many Colombians - but shines with extra vibrance due to that note of Blackberry! 


Ratio: 1:16  |  Grind: 7.8/10  |  Bloom: 1:2 for 30s  |  Total Brew: 2:45

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