Limu Gera • Ethiopia • Lemon and Berry notes • 12oz

 Limu Gera is a washing station that is new to us in 2019! I have only been to Limu once before, in 2017. This year we cupped a few different coffees over two visits to Ethiopia and Limu Gera was our top scoring washed coffee; originating out of the area West of Jimma in Western Ethiopia. I was able to visit this washing station for the first time this year and was really impressed with the cleanliness and orderliness of the whole site.

This area is very close to some big names for washing stations in the Katamaduga Cooperative; Duromina, Biftu Gudina, Nano Challa, and so on. We don't purchase from this group because of some inconsistency, but this area has high potential! You can see the whole scenery change as you drive into the area. It has a more tropical vegetation look, and is significantly more lush than some other areas; Guji in particular. Terroir is really key and, while visuals have no bearing on the quality of the soil, this is a distinctive area!

This coffee is very clean and crisp with strong sweet lemon acidity, floral aroma and berry-like sweetness

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- Philip G.