Monte Brisas • Costa Rica | 12oz

Country: Costa Rica
Terroir: Central Valley
Farmer: Luis Salazar
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Villa Sarchi 

Cupping Notes
Aroma: Baking spice

Flavors: Dark chocolate, red fruit
Sweetness: Baker's chocolate
Body: Full, robust

Tasting video here

You'll like this coffee if: you full bodied coffees, bean to bar chocolate, cherry basalmic roasted chicken.


This year we were visiting farms with Diego Guardia from Hacienda Sonora, and one early morning he announced we were heading out to visit a farm named Las Brisas he had just received a call from. We asked him why he thought it would be worth a trip, and he replied that just from talking on the phone he could hear their enthusiasm, professionalism, and passion for coffee. It really was interesting to hear this viewpoint from a coffee farmer. We have always held the belief that it's the mindset that makes the coffee, more importantly than the growing conditions, and this was another confirmation of this hypothesis.

When we showed up, the farm was extremely organized, with beautiful modern raised beds, a micro mill in excellent condition, and beautiful washed coffee drying everywhere. Most of the farmers in Costa Rica have moved to processing most of their coffees as honey or natural due to the strict requirements for filtering all water used in processing before re-introducing it to the environment. Washed coffee takes more water and so is a lot more expensive. However, Luis and Maricruz Salazar believe that they have an environment which is much better for washed coffee, and so in the effort to produce a quality cup they exclusively produce washed coffees. When we cupped their coffee, this lot of Villa Sarchi varietal really stood out. It was a big bodied and structured cup with a strong backbone of bakers chocolate and berry acidity. We think it's a great coffee for those of you who like a full flavored and more simple cup, but that doesn't detract from the fact that it has plenty of depth and complexity.

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