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Moonshine Micromill | Limited Release 8oz

Barney Duran didn’t intend to make this 30kg micro-lot, but the drying beds were full, the sun was blazing down, and he still had cherries to dry. He spread out a tarp (white instead of the normal black) and laid out the last pick of the day.

It turned out to be an amazing coffee! The normal Chocolate notes from La Clandestina’s Terroir were highlighted in a way normally associated with super fruity coffees - Vibrant and aromatic Cacao Nibs, Fermented Cacao, and a little red wine!

There are 110 tubes of Moonshine, and you can pick up a tube of our newly released Black Diamond for a great contrast of Fruit and Chocolate from two great Costa Rican producers! (Limit 50)

This coffee will ship the week of September 28th - anything ordered with this will ship together!

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