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Nkonge peaberry is our first coffee from the Long Miles Project. Long Miles was founded by Ben and Christy, who lived in Africa for 20 years and saw a huge opportunity for community impact through Burundi coffee. One of the poorest countries in the world, nearly all of Burundi's GDP is from coffee production. Burundi also sits in the great lakes region of Africa, a prime coffee growing region shared with Rwanda and Kenya. Despite all these factors many times coffee quality is determined by infrastructure as much as anything. Burundi had very poor infrastructure around coffee production, and so they were not well known for quality.

Long Miles implemented this necessary infrastructure with a focus on quality. Starting with a single washing station, they've grown to three washing stations serving thousands of producers. Around each station they have identified distinct "hills." Groups of producers close to each other with a common flavor profile. This focus on high quality micro-lots expanded with the implementation of their "coffee scout" system. These scouts are junior agronomists who live among the coffee hills supporting and teaching producers how to improve quality and yield. 

We're very excited to work with Long Miles because we believe that sustainability follows quality. We believe supporting producers in quality initiatives changes them from a small under-capitalized producers in a huge commodity industry to a specialized artisan producer of a unique and highly sought after product. Long miles is making this change for thousands of people in Burundi, and their coffee is magnificent! 

Nkonge PB is bursting with vibrant berry notes, wine-like acidity, and dried florals. It's full bodied and balanced in a way that sets it apart from other African coffees.

1800+ meters | Bourbon Varietal | Washed | Raised bed drying | Mubaga, Burundi 

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Type: Beans

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