Diamante Negra Natural, Costa Rica | 12oz



Our last lot from Las Lajas for this harvest. These legendary producers in Central Valley, Costa Rica have developed a new processing method for Naturals they call "Diamante Negra." 

Hand picked ripe cherries are dried on stacked beds inside a climate controlled greenhouse. They lengthen and control drying by rotating the cherries from the lowest to highest bed until 20% moisture is reached. They then remove them from the beds and let them "rest" for 24 hours before the process is repeated and the drying is finished.

This elongated time in the fruit results in an intense winey character, but combined with the highly controlled environment it is unusually clean and bright. This flavor profile is less complex than our other yearly favorite (and top 30 coffee of 2017) Perla Negra, but more intense and unlike anything I have ever experienced.

1450m | Caturra Varietal | Natural | Stacked bed drying | Central Valley, Costa Rica

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