Perla Negra Natural, Costa Rica | 12oz

Country:   Costa Rica
Terroir:   Central Valley
Processing: Perla Negra Natural
Varietal:   Caturra, Catuai

Cupping Notes 
Aroma: Oolong tea, cherry

Flavors: Dried cherry, fruit cordial
Sweetness: Deep and jammy
Body: Full

Tasting video coming soon

You'll like this coffee if: You love fruity and complex coffees. You like cherry pie, and port wines.

One of our favorite coffees is back for 2017/18! Perla Negra is a natural processed coffee from Francisca and Oscar Chacon at Las Lajas. This Costa Rican farm is one of the best in the world. It's in a lush mountainous region surrounded by birds, tropical plants, flowers, and specializes in some of the most sought after coffees in the industry. Francisca and Oscar are enormously creative. Their drying area looks like a tiny greenhouse city. Large greenhouses, small greenhouses, stacked beds, beds on patios, patios under beds, and stacked beds in greenhouses. If you want to understand how changes one aspect of a drying process tastes on the cupping table, these are the guys to talk to. 

They have become so proficient at processing coffee that we no longer buy coffee by 'lot.' Usually you will cup multiple picks from different days at a farm; searching through degrees of quality and varieties until you find what you consider the best lot available. Las Lajas produces specific processing methods and you choose the method you want. We still check the quality throughout the logistics and shipping process, but we are constantly amazed at the consistency from year to year. Phil believes this consistency is the goal to encourage all our farmers to achieve. We are working to increase visibility within processing to help others understand how to control variables better and increase the yield of good coffee, and Las Lajas is one of the inspirations for this.


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