Qore Honey • Ethiopia | LIMITED | 12oz

Qore is a coffee from Israel Degfa that we're bringing back for the second year in a row. Always forward thinking, Israel has begun experimenting with honey processing at Qore with the help of his right hand man Lemu (pictured). They together produced just a small amount of this coffee, which we purchased, and it turned out really great! 

Last year, Qore was one of our most popular coffees due to its tropical berry sweetness. We get the same berry, floral cup this year, but the honey processing method of leaving some of the mucilage on the coffee as it dries really balanced the acidity and enhanced the sweetness. This is a project that has real long term potential not only for adding a different method to Israel's capabilities, but because it expands his and our knowledge around producing coffee in ways that can lead to increased quality of all his methods.

We have a very small amount of this really special coffee. Our subscription boxes will have the majority of it, and we're releasing the little remaining to the rest of our customers until it's gone!

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2000 meters | Ethiopian Varietal | Honey Process | Guji, Ethiopia

Tasting video coming soon

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