Experience three Geshas in differing terroirs with distinct processing: a washed, a natural, and an anaerobic natural.

Finca Santa Teresa Estribi Washed sets the stage as a classic Panamanian Gesha, presenting a clean, floral, and refined profile from a farm dedicated to living in harmony with nature. From its Ethiopian roots, Gesha Village Surma Natural brings a vibrant, foundational essence of natural Ethiopian coffee that thrills enthusiasts and a return to Gesha's original birthplace. Finally, the Hacienda La Esmeralda Caballeriza Anaerobic Natural, from a renowned high-end farm, introduces an experimental edge, pushing the boundaries of flavor in the terroir that made modern Gesha famous in Panama.

With a spirit of exploration and a reverence for the land, these producers embody what human effort can achieve when it aligns with nature's wonders and passion for the craft. As you journey through each process and terroir, the beauty of each coffee unfolds, revealing delicate, punchy, and structured characteristics as you progress through the set.

Journey with us through this mosaic of processing and discover the boundless brewed potential awaiting in each cup. Sign up for our newsletter and SMS communications via the link in our bio to get notified when launches like this one go live.

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