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Rosma Maragogype • Huehuetenango Guatemala • Honeysuckle & Plum • 10oz

Maragogype has always struggled against the odds. To this day it's listed as a variety that's "Not recommended" for farmers by World Coffee Research - which encourages its' much healthier and productive offspring, Pacamara.

Maragogype began as a mutation of some Typica plants near the town of Maragogipe in Brazil. Huge cherries and beans on plants with large spacing between branches that caught farmers eye were quickly realized to have very low production, and high susceptibility to rust.

Despite all the odds stacked against Maragogype it has maintained a stand on many farms. This year on the first table I cupped in Guatemala I was reminded why. On the end of the table was a set of cups that I thought was likely a nice Geisha because of the intense floral notes. It turned out to be a tiny lot of Maragogype from Rosma! In the right soil, and farmers' hands, Maragogype is an exceptional cupping coffee. 

I can't think of a better soil or more capable hands than Fredy and Alejandro at Rosma. We're all excited for you to enjoy this very cool bean from some of our favorite  producers-

This is Maragogype: Floral, Sweet, and Irrepressible.

Please Note: This bean is huge and only 10oz fits in our regular bag. Price has been  adjusted proportionally (it's also an expensive coffee).

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