• El Porvenir Lactic process • Colombia | 12oz
  • El Porvenir Lactic process • Colombia | 12oz
  • El Porvenir Lactic process • Colombia | 12oz

El Porvenir Lactic process • Colombia | 12oz



Country: Colombia
Terroir: Cundinamarca
Farmer: Miguel Castro Cubillos
Processing: Lactic fermentation
Varietal: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo 

Cupping Notes
Aroma: Stonefruit blossom

Flavors: Ripe orange, dark berry
Sweetness: Structured and pervasive
Body: Very smooth

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You'll like this coffee if: You love complex and exotic coffees, dessert wine, and peach cobbler

This is the third year we have been working with La Palma y El Tucan, a project just north of Bogota which is revitalizing coffee in the Cundinamarca region. They provide agronomic and infrastructure support to nearly 400 farmers while managing a detail oriented processing station to process their coffee. This lot from El Porvenir is one of our favorite coffees we've received from this project with very structured sweetness and acidity. 

Their lactic process involves fermenting cherries in a humid anaerobic environment for 8-12 hours which promotes the formation of lactic acid as a by product of anaerobic bacteria activity. Leaving the coffee in the fruit prior to washing also infuses it with a good amount of fruit forward sweetness and flavor notes. We get floral notes, peach like aromas, citric acidity, and as a result of the lactic acid a very elegant and smooth mouthfeel.



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