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Savage Geisha - Echo & Vivid | Reserve 200g Tin

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Reserve coffees are on a limited weekly roasting schedule. Anything ordered with Savage Geisha will roast and ship with this product. 


Cupping at Finca Deborah for the first time was one of those moments I crave in coffee, where you experience “new” like you haven’t even imagined. The quality level is extremely high and the flavor profiles are unlike anything I had tasted to that point.

Echo • CM Cascara Infused Geisha: A newer process for Jamison, he's adding additional coffee cherry from washed geishas into the Carbonic Maceration tanks during this initial step to enhance the fruit notes. This creates a complexly elegant coffee with Cabernet Grape, Lychee, and Honeysuckle notes

Vivid • CM Natural Geisha: A more classic Carbonic Maceration with the initial pressurized CM step followed up by drying in the full fruit as a natural. This creates a Luxurious & Silky Geisha with overly sweet Apricot, Fruit Punch, and Cocoa notes.

200g custom designed tins.


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