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Sitio Fruteiras • Milk Chocolate, Roasted Almond • Brazil • 12oz

To pioneer something exceptional in coffee, you need a sturdy foundation beneath your feet and the wisdom to know when to deviate from what has always been done. Anilton Miniguite embodies this well, honoring the work of those who have come before him while still implementing something new. 

Anilton is a third generation coffee farmer whose grandfather came to the coastal, mountainous region of Espirito Santo in 1960, primarily to raise cattle and experiment with producing small amounts of coffee. When Anilton’s father took over the farm in the 70's, the coffee industry in Brazil was growing and he began expanding the farm's coffee production. Anilton grew up watching his father lovingly till the land, and when he inherited his portion of the farm in 2005, he was motivated to find ways to make each harvest better. Today, Anilton’s coffee production is known for its quality and its sustainable coffee agriculture model.

Sitio Fruteiras is the tangible legacy of the Miniguite family, the fruit of lives dedicated to producing exceptional coffee.


Anilton Miniguite || Espirito Santo, Brazil || P. Natural Catuai

Tasting Notes: an easy-going and casual Natural Brazilian with sweet milk chocolate and roasted almond

Brew Recommendations: 

1:16 ratio || Grind as usual; medium to medium-coarse

1:2 bloom for 30s || 1:00m drawdown- fast || Pulsated pour on V60

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