Sonora Geisha • Black Honey | Exotics Series #1 | 8oz

Hacienda Sonora is one of our longest standing relationships. It's a wonderful coffee estate that sits in-between Central and West Valley in Costa Rica and is owned and operated by Diego Guardia and his father. Diego is passionate about his wide range of varieties and micro-lots his coffee according to the variety.

This is why we were really excited to pick up a small lot of Geisha coffee from him in this most recent harvest. It's been selected with care in the cultivation and picking processes and is a very different expression of this variety than our other Gesha Village reserve coffee!

This black honey process Geisha (with an "i" in Latin America - none in Africa usually) is more of an "everyday drinking Geisha coffee. It's fuller in body and deeper in sweetness than some of the more delicate Geisha coffees we've had. It sacrifices some of the brightness for this deeper depth, but really it's a preference of different expressions of the variety. 

We taste Stonefruit, Dried Florals, and a mulled wine characteristic in this coffee!

This is an 8oz canister of coffee-