Sonora Honey • Costa Rica | 12oz

Country: Costa Rica
Terroir: Central Valle
Farmer: Diego Guardia
Processing: Honey
Varietal: Villa Sarchi 

Cupping Notes
Aroma: Cherry Cordial

Flavors: Peach, Vanilla
Sweetness: Bourbon-like
Body: Full, smooth

Tasting video here

You'll like this coffee if: you love vibrant coffees, enjoy manhattans, fresh cherry pastry.


Diego Guardia is a fantastic guy to travel with. We visited him this year and were excited to hear that he was beginning to export coffees from other farmers throughout Costa Rica. This led us not to only visit his farm and cup Sonora coffees, but travel around Costa Rica with him and meet new and old friends, making connections and purchasing coffee along the way. 

Hacienda Sonora, Diego's family farm, is one of the most acclaimed farms in the world. His father was growing a variety of products including turf and house plants when Diego began to take over the operations. Like so many of us, he got bit by the coffee bug somewhere along the way, and switched over to farming exclusively coffee. It sprawls across misty mountains and is now separated into many different plots featuring heirloom and experimental varietals of coffee. The varietal we loved on the table this year was Villa Sarchi, which is native to Costa Rica. It exhibited a robust acidity, full and developed sweetness, and this honey processed lot was floral and vibrant. It's unusually balanced and sweet- and we would recommend it for those of you who like weird and bright coffees as much as we would recommend it for those of you who prefer balanced and sweet coffees!

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