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Sonora Natural • Costa Rica • Cherry Cordial | 12oz

There's a few people who encourage us through giving us a vision of the future consistently. Diego lays the standard for excellence in processing and passion for coffee. Every year he has something new he's excited about, but always remains grounded in tradition - it's a beautiful balance.

Hacienda Sonora, Diego's family farm, is one of the most acclaimed farms in the world. His father was growing a variety of products including turf and house plants when Diego began to take over the operations. Like so many of us, he got bit by the coffee bug somewhere along the way, and switched over to farming exclusively coffee. It sprawls across misty mountains and is now separated into many different plots featuring heirloom and experimental varietals of coffee.

This year his, and our, favorite variety was Millineo. This variety is a cross between a land race Heirloom variety and Sarchimor. It's still in the early stages of production, but two different farms we work with in Costa Rica had this and we cupped it as the top lot in both instances!

This coffee is characterized by a Cherry Cordial flavor, but always balanced with some sugar browning sweetness!

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