Sonora Natural Bourbon • Costa Rica | 12oz

Diego Guardia is a constant source of learning and knowledge for us. He has amazing insight into his coffees and always understands where very good cup quality comes from in each variety each year. Bourbon is one of his favorite varieties.

He tells us that the constant pruning and development of plants has resulted in unusually exceptional versions of this coffee at his farm, which already does really well in this area. Bourbon variety is known for a unique acidity reminiscent of a red skinned fruit. It’s slightly drying with a pleasant bite of juicy acidity. This particular lot of natural processed bourbon is really exceptional- Dried in the fruit skin and retaining that Bourbon character but with much more fruit forward character from the process. Diego pointed this out to us as one of his coffees he had the most excitement about this year and we weren’t disappointed.

With notes of Cherry Cordial and Violet it’s a complex and layered cup, but still balanced enough to appeal to anyone. With this strong recommendation from one of our most trusted producer partners it wouldn’t be far off to call this coffee a “Farmer’s Pick Reserve” similar to a single barrel whiskey chosen by the barrel master. It certainly has the character and pedigree for it!

1800 meters | Bourbon Varietal | Natural | Central Valley, Costa Rica