San Pedro • Colombia • Buttery Orange & Cocoa notes • 12oz

San Pedro is returning for the third year. Ciro and Albiero (pictured) are some of the best producers in the world - hands down. Their farm is very high, with very cool growing temperatures which leads to longer maturation and fermentation. This slow process is very gentle on their coffee, and naturally enhances the sweetness and vibrance in the cup.

But the real key to this coffee’s quality is the mindset of this father/son duo. Ciro advocates constantly for himself and his neighbors to view their coffee as a source of pride. He views his work as a reflection on himself that he shares with the world, and puts himself fully into and behind it. Their strength of character is inspiring and is the difference between an average producer and an excellent producer. We’ve been adding a premium on top of what we have paid in the past for this coffee, and have been excited to see how they use this to improve their operations. They have been improving lodging for their pickers to improve the quality of picking, adding additional drying space which increases the percentage of high quality beans they can produce, and have been helping a couple of neighbors produce high quality coffee.

1600 meters | F6 Castillo Varietal | Fully Washed | Huila, Colombia