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Trapiche Batian • 8oz Exotic

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Pedro Pablo's family has become legendary in Bolivian coffee. We've worked with them for four years, bringing in amazing core coffees, exotics, and reserves. What we've been most impressed with is their investment in their neighboring farmers; sharing access to new markets and experimental processing techniques.

Green Buyer Notes: This Batian is a Kenyan variety which I've purchased for two harvests. It's very unusual - in my experience as a green buyer - that Batian is such a high scoring coffee. For some reason at the Trapiche farm it is an extremely vibrant and wonderful coffee. The mystery remains, but this still is a coffee which remains one of my favorites every year!

Samaipata, Bolivia • Batian Variety • Natural Process

Tasting Notes: A juicy & Pleasant coffee with Rainer Cherry, Asian Pear, and Raspberry Preserve Notes.

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