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Tre Bukken Holiday Release | 12oz

Brewing Notes-
Coarser than usual grind
Grind: 8.0/10  |  Ratio: 1:17  |  Bloom: 40g water  |  Total Brew: 2:30


Conceptualized to solve the problem of blends bringing balance at the expense of clarity from terroir, Tre Bukken is a blend of honey, washed, and natural process coffees from a single origin. This edition is Ethiopian again!

Natural process brings some obvious fruit sweetness, washed gives clarity and acidity, and honey balances out the profile with spice and brown sugar sweetness. Unlike a normal blend, the base Limu/Guji origin allows this balance of flavor while maintaining the singular clarity of the Ethiopian origin.

Overall it's a cup with fruit and spice, and a juicy body. We had all those diverse meals with friends and family in mind when we created this coffee and wanted something that can appease your dark roast (this isn't dark roasted) Folgers drinking great Uncle as much as the single origin aficionados in the group. And everyone in-between!

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