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Tre Bukken • Tiga Pulau Limited Edition | 12oz

Do you believe in the impossible? A healthy disregard for "impossible" is a core value here at Corvus Coffee. "You can't do that" makes us dream of the adventure that lies in front of  us as we work towards accomplishing an out of reach objective. Tre Bukken embodies that disregard for seemingly opposite goals; the clarity of a single terroir with the balance of a blend. Tre Bukken is a project where we create a coffee with a blend of honey, washed, and natural process coffees from a single origin. This is a special release of an Indonesian "Tiga Pulau" Tre Bukken blend!

Natural processed Sumatran brings some obvious fruit sweetness, a fully washed Sumatran gives clarity and acidity, and a Lactic Java Honey balances out the profile with spice and brown sugar sweetness. We have been (remotely) working extremely diligently to build a foundation of sourcing in Indonesia once travel opens, and we've found an exporter that really is exciting in their ability to find specialty processes with individual producers. Consider this blend a preview to some really great things to come!

The "Tiga Pulau" edition is full of exotic dried fruit notes, sweet aromatic spice that denotes outstanding Indonesian coffees, and a very full and deep sweetness. It's straddles the line between "fruity" and "sugar browning" perfectly.

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