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Trickster Seasonal Blend • Dried Fruit & Sweet Spice


Throughout folklore the Magpie is portrayed as the good natured "Trickster." Often using her skills and wits to help guide the earthbound people to find their way when lost. Such Corvids are our inspiration because of their presence as the wise everyman in the animal kingdom. 

This seasonal blend adopts the Trickster as it's symbol since it's created to highlight a new pursuit for us; sourcing in Asia. Our current sourcing objective has been to find clean coffees, other than wet-hull, in Indonesia. Over the last few years we've been extremely pleased with what has opened up to us for washed, natural, and honey Indonesian coffees. This seasonal blend starts with a washed Sumatran to provide a base that's full bodied and has the characteristic sweet spice of an Asian coffee. We combine this with Tumba • Rwandan for additional dried fruit sweetness and Bale Mountain • Ethiopian coffee for the fresh citrus & florals our seasonal blends are loved for.



Ratio: 1:15 | Grind: 7.0/10 | Bloom: 1:2 for 30s | Total Brew: 3:00

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