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Tumba • Rwanda • Licorice & Black Tea


Tumba sits at the head of a long valley surrounded by lush fields of tea tucked into the vale and patchwork crops, including coffee, rising up the sides of the mountains. I stayed at a nearby tea plantation with rooms to rent last year, and watching the cool fog rolling in each afternoon, and out each morning, it became even more clear how the quality is so high here. Venuste employs a strategy of rewarding quality and investing in people to continually motivate and enable sustainability in the growers he works with. As a former school teacher, his roots run deep in the community of Tumba, and the dedication he has towards his neighbors and friends is evident in  this cup quality.

Tumba is a balanced African profile. Red licorice and dried cherry are complemented with elegant black tea and subtle cocoa notes.

Venuste Mugraniza || Rulindo, Rwanda || 1800m+ || Jackson Bourbon || Washed

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