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Waliki & Alasitas Geisha | Reserve Bolivians 200g Tin

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This coffee is slated to roast and ship the week of 7/10 :: Anything ordered with the Bolivian Geshas will be shipped alongside.

Geshas From Bolivias' Pioneering Farmer

Pedro Pablo Rodriguez was one of the first people to grow coffee in some areas now flourishing with in Bolivia. He paved the way here and gained world wide fame as the premier Bolivian coffee producing family. As he grew more successful he brought hundreds of his neighbors along, beginning multiple programs to help them develop better coffee and gain access to markets in Asia, Europe, and the US. Find one of those coffees here

We're releasing our third years harvest of Reserve Coffees from his family farms; Waliki and Alasitas Geshas.

Waliki is a Lactic process Gesha with Raspberry Yogurt, Honeysuckle, and Bergamot Notes.

Alasitas is a Natural process Gesha with Tangerine, Table Grape, and Sweet Pastry Notes

 Custom 200g tins designed by Lisel Jane

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