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Zion Natural • Pineapple, Blackberry • Ethiopia 12oz

When you explore Ethiopia, it isn’t going to be a challenge to find high quality coffee. Due to the nature of the soil, climate, and altitude, good coffee springs up out of the ground everywhere you turn. What you will find to be difficult is sifting through circumstantial quality to discover producers who consistently harvest coffees with similar taste profiles year after year. Because we value long term relationships, we have learned that building partnerships on a foundation of consistency is as crucial as finding quality, especially in the homeland of coffee.

After purchasing the first round of Zion at the end of 2020 for “The Great Rift Valley” subscription series, we were hopeful that Getachew would be one of these partners for us. The degree of quality we experienced initially made us curious enough to taste his second harvest, and we were pleasantly met by a second coffee that was equally delicious as the first.

We’ve only caught a glimpse of what Getachew has to offer, and we’re excited to connect you to him through this bag of Zion Natural.



Getachew || Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia || Natural Heirloom

Tasting Notes: a sweet and refined Natural Ethiopian with lively pineapple and juicy blackberry notes.


Brew Recommendations: 

1:16 ratio || Grind as usual; medium to medium-coarse

1:2 bloom for 30s || 1:00m drawdown- fast || Heavy pour on V60

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