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Harmony Geisha • Zorro & Estribi | Reserve 150g tin


Roasted to order. Anything ordered with Harmony Geishas will roast and ship with this product.

Brew Recommendations:

1:16 Ratio | Grind medium to medium-fine | Pulsated pours on V60
Brew time 3:15

1:17 Ratio | Grind medium to medium-fine | Low agitation pour on V60
Brew time 2:30


When you visit Finca Santa Teresa on the slopes of Volcán Barú, it is evident that something unique is happening here. Not only do they strive to produce great coffee, but they prioritize preservation of the natural vegetation that grows abundantly on their land. This is rare to find, especially when the majority of coffee producers practice deforestation in order to produce as much coffee as possible, regardless of how it impacts the environment.

Aracelly Estribi, the long time manager of Finca Santa Teresa, began sending us consistently outstanding samples of Panamanian Geishas, and I couldn’t find another word to describe their flavor other than simply “beautiful.” Although the impact of Biodiversity is nearly impossible to quantify, it is evident that it plays a role in the exceptionally vibranct fruit and floral tasting notes we've been getting from these coffees. 


Zorro • Natural Geisha: Candied Apple, Orange Blossom, Strawberry Lemonade, Punchy Plum, Fruit Punch.

Estribi • Natural Geisha: Hibiscus, Strawberry Jam, Tropical Punch, Cranberry.

150g custom designed and hand signed tins.

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