Producer: Albiero Lugo

Project: Cherry Buying/Pink Bourbon

Goal: $10,000 raised

Region: Huila, Colombia

Albiero and his father Ciro have been some of our most valued partners for the last nine years. Industrious and exacting this father/son team carved an existence out of an area with almost zero specialty buyers for years, still focusing on quality. Ciro espoused the belief to his son and all their neighbors that quality was worth the effort within itself despite a lack of commensurate payment. We've been very proud to provide that commensurate payment over the years we've worked together and watched them reinvest heavily each year into quality and production.

This year Albiero is looking to expand his production, not through additional plants, but by purchasing pink bourbon from all his neighbors. We are able to pay a high price for this treasured variety, and some of the first farmers to plant it are here in the community of La Marimba. There's a lot of new infrastructure and startup costs required to expand into cherry buying, and his first focus is to build an additional drying area; a large raised bed greenhouse system referred to as a marquesina.

Support and accelerate Albiero's pink bourbon/cherry buying project with this coffee farmer pin designed by Zaine Vaun, one of our favorite illustrators!

The corresponding cup can be found here

$10 from every pin purchased goes to Albiero's Cherry Buying project.

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