Producer: Mauricio Rosales

Project: Electricity

Goal: $10,000 raised

Region: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Mauricio embodies the definition of "community pillar".  When he carved a road out of the granite mountain his farm, La Maravilla,  sits on, he continued it up to the indigenous community above.  Now he needs to tackle the project of running electricity to his farm and plans to continue it up to these same people. 

Aside from the general benefits of having electricity, electricity will enable him to purchase new equipment which is needed to offset a dramatic shortage of pickers. A nearby region where pickers used to come from started growing their own coffee which has created a reduction in people who can pick, and become a significant problem, especially at peak harvest when the highest quality but also highest volume needs harvested within a matter of a couple weeks. Electricity will also enable him to stop using gasoline generators to power the farm, dramatically reducing his fuel consumption and costs.

Support and accelerate Mauricio's electricity project and help him increase quality and continue to deliver the amazing lots we've enjoyed from la Maravilla with this pin designed by Zaine Vaun, one of our favorite illustrators!

The corresponding cup can be found here

$10 from every pin purchased goes to Mauricio's electricity project.

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