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Washed SL28 from Kenya

Natural Milenio from Costa Rica

Natural Kenyan Heirloom from El Salvador

Tasting Notes: Nectarine and Brown Sugar.


The Butterfly Effect blend is crafted from three distinct coffee varieties sourced from El Salvador, Kenya, and Costa Rica. The washed Kenyan variety from Finca Santa Sofia in El Salvador offers a complex flavor profile with bright acidity, floral notes, and a syrupy body, while the Karimikui washed SL28 from Kenya contributes candied citrus and floral undertones. Additionally, the Hacienda Sonora natural Milenio variety from Costa Rica adds sweetness and richness with notes of tropical fruit and caramel.

The Butterfly Effect blend celebrates the craftsmanship behind each component, offering a sensory exploration of its flavor profile. From its vibrant acidity to its velvety smoothness, this blend embodies exceptional coffee craftsmanship, delivering a unique experience with every sip.




V60 Brew Recommendations:

Dose: 21g

Ratio: 1:16.2

Grind: Slightly Coarser

Bloom: 1:2 for 30s

Total Brew: 340g at 2:55

TDS: 1.45

Extraction: 20.27%

We recommend a continuous pour to maintain the fruit forward cup.



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