Nostalgia for the most peaceful and wonderful times lies at the heart of the Halcyon Days.


40% Rwanda - Washed Bourbon

60% Colombia- Casa Negra- Washed Heirloom

Tasting Notes:

Milk Chocolate, dried fruit

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Halcyon is blended with coffees from Latin America for balanced milk chocolate notes and African coffees which are more full-bodied with subtle dried fruit sweetness (Ethiopia). This creates a full-bodied and balanced cup; sessionable and deeply sweet.

The phrase "Halcyon Days" refers to a period of peace, happiness, and prosperity, often nostalgically recalled as being idyllic and free from trouble. The term originates from Greek mythology, where it was believed that the halcyon bird (often identified with the kingfisher) could calm the sea during the winter solstice while nesting. Hence, "Halcyon Days" came to symbolize calm, peaceful times.

Consistently good for brewed coffee or espresso if you prefer our Orange Label single origins - the chocolate dominant coffees.

V60 Brew Recommendations:

Dose: 20g

Ratio: 1:17

Grind: Medium

Bloom: 1:2 for 30s

Total Brew: 3:00

TDS: 1.37

Extraction: 19.9%

We recommend pulsated pours for a more lively cup.

Espresso Recommendations:

Dose: 18g in

Output: 45-48g out

Brew time: 25-30s

Smaller output = more dried fruit and baking spice

Larger output = more dark chocolate flavors

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