The Return to the Land of Origins

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Gesha Village is the captivating story of Gesha's return to its Ethiopian homeland. Originally discovered in Gori Gesha Forest and lost for half a century, it resurfaced in Panama, forever changing the coffee landscape. This Anaerobic Honey process shows the decadent potential of this celebrated variety. Founded by Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton, Gesha Village's mission is to restore the Gesha plant to its rightful terroir, harmonizing soil, climate, and elevation to yield exceptional coffee. A testament to aligning human effort with nature's wonders, Gesha Village sets new standards of flavor and distinction.

Region: Bench Maji, Ethiopia

Farm: Gesha Village Estate 

Producers: Rachel Samuel & Adam Overton 

Process: Anaerobic Honey

Variety: Gesha

Flavor Notes: A decadent & exotic cup with notes of tea rose, jasmine, and candied fruit.  

Brewing Parameters- V60
Grind: med-fine
Ratio: 1 : 17
Dose: 20g : 340g 
Pour: 340g
Ratio: 1:17
Brew time: 2:55
Bloom: 30s
TDS 1.35
Extraction: 19.6%

Coffees this good are easy to dial in: they taste good however you approach them! For the best results, use a finer grind size than usual combined with a heavy pulsated pour. This will keep the coffee particles suspended in the water and help maintain a steady flow through the entire brew and prevent any brew choking. 

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