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Finca Cartuche • Ecuador

Finca Cartuche • Ecuador

October 01, 2021

When you relationally source coffee from origin, the potential for repeated excellence grows exponentially. Partnering with innovative producers who can replicate high quality coffee is just as important, if not more so, as finding high scoring coffees. Without a skilled producer, quality is just a byproduct of luck. Intentionally committing to a qualified producer means you’re able to watch them grow and flourish over time. 


Evaluating coffee not just solely on taste but also on the character of the person who grew it is what led us to want to partner with Jaime Cartuche. When we were introduced to Jaime Cartuche and his coffee, we quickly realized that he brought years of experience and a bastion of knowledge to his craft. After working as the leader of the cultivation team at the famous Hacienda La Papaya farm and acting as a key player in its success, he purchased his own farm and began growing coffee three years ago. As we tasted his coffee we liked it from an assessment standpoint, but we also knew we specifically wanted to work with Jaime to see him succeed at an even greater level.


Tasting Notes: Energetic notes of papaya and blueberry balance with maple syrup sweetness

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