Maragesha: The Dawn of a New Era

November 22, 2023

Maragesha: The Dawn of a New Era

Luis Anibal Calderon Map of Colombia indicating the location of the farm

Hybridization and Evolution

Exotic Series

Acevedo, Huila, Colombia • Villa Betulia • Luis Anibal-Calderon

Five year relationship Natural Carbonic Maceration • Maragesha

Main points:

  • A cross between Gesha and Maragogype and only found at Villa Betulia.
  • Natural carbonic maceration process highlights the delicate and complex cup.
  • This is a returning favorite amongst our more adventurous customers, building hype every year.

The Coffee: Maragesha CM Natural

Maragesha is a cross of the Gesha and Maragogype varieties, discovered as a natural mutation among trees on the plantation, this extraordinary variety was carefully cultivated to establish a distinct presence. The coffee undergoes a fermentation process, beginning with a six-day anaerobic fermentation followed by floating and hand-sorting the coffee meticulously. The use of a grainpro bag during fermentation allows for the rise of CO2 levels, thus ensuring temperature stability. Whether in its natural or stored form, this remarkable coffee delights with its unparalleled sensory experience, unfailingly maintaining its exceptional quality throughout transport. The names, Oma, Narsha, and Surma refer to different lots on the property where these coffees are grown. These three coffees use different processes of the same variety. Natural process includes drying the coffee cherries fully intact. Honey process removes the skin of the cherry and leaves the mucilage to dry.

The Producers: Luis Anibal Calderon

Luis Anibal Calderon, has made it his life's passion to cultivate unique varieties of coffee. Luis comes from a line of coffee farmers, having started his venture on his father's farm at the age of 9. His thirst for unique coffee varieties has made him known for his obsession with the limits of the plant. He views his collection as an arboretum of sorts, always striving to find new cultivars and has become famous for his success in growing new and interesting coffee; our partnership with him can lead us to a new world of unique coffees.

The Mission: Exploration and Experimentation

A land of repute, Villa Betulia began producing coffee in 2012 with 5,000 Gesha trees. The farm has since been populated every year with new and unique varieties, establishing its prominence among the more forward-thinking plantations in Colombia. Villa Betulia's coffee is unparalleled; a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Socials: Follow him on Instagram at @villabetuluacoffee

Tasting notes:

Tropical Fruits, Strawberry, and Effervescent Floral