Return to the Land of Origin: Gesha Village

October 31, 2023

Return to the Land of Origin: Gesha Village

Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton Map of Ethiopia indicating the location of the farm

Gesha Village Geshas

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Bench Maji, Ethiopia • Gesha Village • Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton

Four year relationship • Honey and Natural Processes • Gesha

Main points:

Gesha Village is a celebrated producer of some of the finest Gesha coffees the world has to offer.

Returning Gesha to the land of its origin showcases the way this coveted profile originally presented.

We see this high scoring cup as a testament to the new high end of coffee.

The Coffee: Geshas, Natural and Honey

Gesha coffees have been seen as one of the best coffee varieties since its cultivation in 1931. Originally discovered in the Gori Gesha Forest in Bench Maji, Ethiopia, this incredible variety was shipped to Latin America where it was lost. Fast-forward a few decades to the mid-1990s, gesha trees were found in Panama, where its reputation for wild and intense floral and sweetness truly spread across the coffee world. This coffee is the return to its origin. The names, Oma, Narsha, and Surma refer to different lots on the property where these coffees are grown. These three coffees use different processes of the same variety. Natural process includes drying the coffee cherries fully intact. Honey process removes the skin of the cherry and leaves the mucilage to dry.

The Producers: Rachel and Samuel Overton

Rachel Samuel, originally from Ethiopia, returned with her husband to produce a coffee documentary. While exploring Ethiopia, they were captivated by its offerings and decided to establish a farm. They chose a location close to where the Gesha plant was first discovered and aimed to reintroduce it to Ethiopia.

The Mission: Return to the Homeland

The farm's primary goal revolves around restoring the Gesha plant to its rightful terroir, where the ideal combination of soil, climate, and elevation harmonize to enhance the coffee's inherent qualities. Through this purposeful endeavor, the farm thrives, yielding an exceptional coffee that reaches new heights of flavor and distinction. Guided by a spirit of exploration and reverence, Gesha Village stands as a testament to the boundless potential of aligning human effort with the natural wonders of the land.

Socials: Follow them on Instagram at @geshavillage

Tasting notes:

Oma Natural: A decadent & exotic cup with notes of red grape, honeydew, and tangerine.

Narsha Natural: A complex and colorful cup with notes of honeysuckle, apricot, and bergamot.

Surma Honey: A luscious cup with sweet citrus, raspberry, and honeysuckle notes.