The Coffee Bellweather & The Miradors

November 26, 2021

The Coffee Bellweather & The Miradors

Elkin Guzman is a Vanguard farmer who has elevated himself to the level of a master vintner in coffee. He meticulously watches over exotic varieties as they come to life through refined processes that create the boldest flavors in coffee. His farm, “El Mirador” means “the Lookout,” and Elkin truly embodies this name. He has become THE lookout- the bell weather for what’s coming in coffee - as he perfectly combines the above ground portion of the map - terroir, flora, agronomy- and the underground portion of the map - culture, alchemy, and buried history - together.

This set includes two natural (fruity) coffees that are very interesting varieties - striped bourbon and Catiope - with unique dried fruit and spiced undertones.


Natural Acetic: Punchy marachino cherry and cinnamon candy with cacao nib sweetness.

Natural: Unconventional complexity with dried apricot, black cherry, and black currant.